ICON’s corporate barter solutions help companies recover lost value from a broad range of underperforming assets.

Corporate barter is an exchange of an asset for goods or services.  Although it is a well-established business practice, corporate barter has been expanding in recent years into a variety of new applications. It can be used to recover value from an asset that has lost some or most of its value or to fund new initiatives.  Most companies hold varying levels of unwanted inventory, capital goods, real estate, excess receivables or other assets that aren’t performing or providing ROI.   When businesses liquidate these assets, they typically realize only 10 – 40% of the book value.

As an innovator in corporate barter, ICON offers a range of options. Our transactions are designed to give clients more flexibility and faster access to the value of their assets so they may recoup up to 100% of the book value. Our approach streamlines the barter process and generates a higher rate of return.

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    Transaction Types

    Although there are three basic deal structures, a successful transaction can be constructed in innumerable ways. From funding ongoing business needs to consolidating assets or reconfiguring your investments, corporate barter offers extraordinary flexibility.
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    Real Estate

    ICON provides solutions to complex and challenging real estate situations.
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    What is fulfillment in a barter transaction? It’s the media, goods and/or services the client purchases through ICON.
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    The Transaction Process

    Clients come to us because one or more of their assets have lost some (or, in some cases, nearly all) of their market value. ICON acquires the assets, often paying substantially more than buyers in the open market. In exchange, our clients buy goods and/or services over time from us at the rates they would normally pay.
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