Founded in 1986, ICON International is a specialized finance company engaged in corporate barter to help companies restore value to underperforming assets and fund corporate expenses.

We are purely a corporate barter company – and true experts in the business. For 30 years, we have created customized barter transactions that deliver value at every stage. ICON was first to market, offering cash as payment in a barter transaction (also known as a Vendor Subscription Agreement) in 2001. Recently, we were issued a U.S. Patent for the invention of the cash-trade transaction. ICON is the only corporate trade company to hold any intellectual rights patents.

ICON is a privately held organization that specializes in corporate barter. ICON is in full compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and is annually audited by one of the Big Four accounting firms. ICON’s revenue recognition policy is in accordance with SAB 101, allowing revenue recognition as trade credit is retired. ICON has unmatched access to capital reserves which allows ICON to continuously invest in capacity-driven industries such as media, sourcing procurement solutions, travel and printing, which we then offer for trade credit redemption.

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